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If you are looking for the best work program in your football career, this is your program:

We just take care of your career and you don't have to worry about anything other than playing football

It is a monthly payment, but it is also a PERSONALIZED AND DESIGNED SERVICE FOR YOUR CAREER. Where the player has the direct advice of professionals on the different aspects of your career, be it marketing, legal, medical, commercial matters, etc. in all of them we will be with you.

While you have access to our company's Bronze and Silver programs, you no longer have to worry about working on them or putting them into practice, we take care of everything.

You will have the work team of the International Soccer Consultant L&M, LEXFIFA, SOCCER INDUSTRY and FOOTBALL MAN working every day to make your career better.

As an additional service, a direct follow-up is carried out on all economic investments made by the soccer player, as well as the technical analysis and recommendations in order to guarantee the success of all the transactions in which the soccer player is interested.

At the beginning of each month we will present you with a schedule of activities that we are going to execute and with which then at the end of the month, we will evaluate the results in the different fields where you work, you can always include new topics or things that interest you that we work in each month.

Look what we are going to do in your professional career:

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