Admission To Professional Soccer Teams

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This service answers the most asked question in our company:

Can you help me join a soccer team?

All our managers, agents, FIFA intermediaries and associates will place YOUR NAME IN CONSIDERATION for 2 weeks to: technicians, investors, team owners, sports directors and anyone who makes the decision to hire a footballer.

They will contact directly with the player or with the person you decide to contact. Only if the player enters a team, is hired or purchased, will we receive 10% of the player's gross income for 2 years and after which the player is free to make another Income Management agreement or not.

The main features of this management are:

Direct contact

At the moment of delivering the soccer player's data, we will also deliver the contact information of the soccer player or his representative so that the team communicates directly. We also provide WhatsApp number, email, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

People who make decisions

The reference of your name and the data are given to people that we know are the ones who make the hiring decisions within the soccer teams, so that it is addressed to the person or people who decide about joining or not a team soccer.

Fair payment

The payment value that is made if the player enters a team is 10%, which is a fair figure, which includes all the people, agents, representatives who acted upon entering the football team.

2 year duration

This agreement where 10% of the gross income is delivered is made only for 2 years after which the player will have to express his desire for another agreement to be made, it is not automatic renewal nor will the agreement be extended.

In more than 20 countries and dozens of equipment

The promotion of your name and data that you give us will be done in more than 20 countries and with dozens of teams where in those 2 weeks you will have more opportunities to enter the football teams.

Payment is symbolic.

What we are really interested in is 10% of the annual gross income of the soccer player, that is why we are interested in your entering football teams.

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