Package 3 Entry management to soccer teams (Silver Plan + 6 Entry management )

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It is what we can say A GUARANTEE, and it is dedicated to the good footballer who wants to WIN more money than he currently earns!

This package is what we call a guarantee from FÚTBOL MAN as it combines the work of the famous Silver Plan, which is the best selling program in the Football Industry, where the player will implement all the strategies of a true soccer businessman in which you will have access for 1 year and a half to the entire work platform of the program and its respective updates.

And as to make our guarantee effective we add 6 Admission to professional soccer teams services so you can choose it on any date of a period of 1 year and a half after this PACK was purchased, where the player in each management will be promoted for 2 weeks a: technicians, investors, team owners, sports directors and any person who makes the decision to hire a soccer player with the aim of entering a professional soccer team.

Now the best thing about having several steps is that, apart from keeping track of the opinion that all these people have, you can be very patient and value the best options, and thus be able to evaluate in a very intelligent way the best proposals, contracts and pre-contracts we have.

On behalf of FÚTBOL MAN we guarantee that if you are a good footballer and take this PACK, in a year and a half you will have more than 2 formal proposals to enter professional football teams!

That is, in this pack we are putting our prestige into play and we do this because we know that if the player wants to earn money this is the RIGHT FORMULA OF WORKING in the Football Industry. That's how convinced we are and that will be our commitment.

The main features of this package are:

More economical

By purchasing this package that contains the Silver Plan and Income Management you pay less than buying the two services separately

You become a good investment

The silver plan that comes in this package gives you all the tools and strategies to make you a good business.

Direct contact

At the moment of delivering the soccer player's data, we will also deliver the contact information of the soccer player or his representative so that the team communicates directly. We also provide WhatsApp number, email, Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram.

People who make decisions

The reference of your name and the data are given to people that we know are the ones who make the hiring decisions within the soccer teams, so that it is addressed to the person or people who decide about joining or not a team soccer.

Fair payment

The payment value that is made if the player enters a team is 10%, which is a fair figure, which includes all the people, agents, representatives who acted upon entering the football team.

2 year duration

This agreement where 10% of the gross income is delivered is made only for 2 years after which the player will have to express his desire for another agreement to be made, it is not automatic renewal nor will the agreement be extended.

In more than 20 countries and dozens of equipment

The promotion of your name and data that you give us will be done in more than 20 countries and with dozens of teams where in those 2 weeks you will have more opportunities to enter the football teams.

Payment is symbolic.

What we are really interested in is 10% of the annual gross income of the soccer player, that is why we are interested in your entering football teams.

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Con este pack te garantizamos que vas a tener propuestas formales de equipos
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