Bronze plan FUTBOL MAN

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This scheme is the Copper Program implemented and has a duration of two weeks to one month. It has very simple concepts and is extremely practical when applying them in your professional career.

This program has exercises and activities that make your promotion effective, although this program is intended for Level 4 players, we have seen that they have had fantastic effects on Level 3 players since what they are looking for is to consolidate a professional image that contemplates showing within the soccer universe what you are, helping you increase the strength of your projection and maximizing your personality.

  • How to reach your first goal that is to go up from Level 4 to Level 3 in the soccer players classification.
  • What are the main strategies to follow with the different types of equipment and the care that must be taken with them.
  • How to act before the salary.
  • How to improve the value of a soccer player.
  • Create a brand, use an image and activate it with the promotion.
  • Planning and recommendations for success.