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The development of the Web site takes 3 weeks where it includes:

  • Own domain.
  • Website hosting for 1 year
  • Integration of social networks
  • Official soccer player announcements
  • Advice from FÚTBOL MAN about the development of the personal brand image
  • Brand reinforcement in the design
  • Development of a self-managed website and training for the personnel responsible for the administration of the website
  • Website engineering updates
  • Realization of website changes of up to 20% of the original design throughout the year for free

In case of:

  • Change of the website between 20 and 50%. 200 dollars
  • More than 50% of the website. 400 dollars
  • Total change results in a value of $ 499
  • Management of the website and social networks 125 dollars per month
  • Renewal of hosting (accommodation) $ 50 per year

FUTBOL MAN is a legal company.


Hard work, clear actions and good communication.

Prestige assured

Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are! Now You are FUTBOL MAN

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